Yesterday (Wednesday 8th February) we had a server outage between 7am GMT until approximately 2pm GMT (9am EST).

I’ve just been informed by our hosting company of what happened, essentially we were unfortunate enough to be located in the rackspace in New York that was affected by a server software problem that if triggered, would consume all resources and bring the server down. I understand they knew about it ahead of time, had scheduled the fix, but hadn’t yet rolled it out when the problem hit. They have now.

The bits of ActiveInbox that are dependent upon our server:
* The Plus registration and verification; meaning that if the server drops Plus features may temporarily disappear
* Your preferences
* Your Notes

We are constantly upgrading our server infrastructure for robustness, in the last month we have:
* Upgraded to a far more powerful set up to handle more users, and faster
* Added secure communication (SSL), which is not yet rolled out but will be within the next two releases
* Added an additional backup mechanisms to the existing solution (extra redundancy)
* Begun re-factoring our server systems to be more component-like, so we have more flexibility for increasing redundancy

And Mark & I are discussing ways we can improve things still more.

But ultimately, we’re sorry.


This was written by Andy Mitchell