Get Events Out Of Email And Into GCal

Is your email actually an event? Get it out of Gmail and into a more specialized system like GCal where it can be managed much more smartly.

Just click the export dropdown on the Action Bar, select “Export to GCal”, save the event in the new tab, and ActiveInbox will update your Notes to link to the new event.

Better Deadlines On Mobiles – And Less Clutter

Historically, we’ve always used 3 labels for each deadline, a generic deadline label, a day label, and a month label. So today, the 14th February, would be D/Deadline, D/M/2, D/D/14.

But this was a terrible idea for mobile devices, because they can’t show you the search results of multiple labels.

So now we just use a single label in the format ZD/yyyymmdd. Today would be ZD/20120214.

The ZD prefix is handy because it pushes deadline labels to the back of any label list, so they stay out of your way. AND… ActiveInbox will remove any deadline labels no longer in use.

Active Results: Simple, Intuitive… At Last!

We’ve done a BIG overhaul to the Active Results (those just containing a status or deadline).

First, any link from the Review Bar opens straight into Active Results (this is a preference); and then once you’ve got them open you can sort or group by Project, Contact, Deadline, Status and more.

It gives you a very flexible to focus just on the work that matters to you right now.

Pin The Tail On The… Review Bar

We finally have proper pin icons on the Review Bar drop downs! This should make it a lot more intuitive (it no longer looks like a h-bomb!).

You can even pin hot projects to the Review Bar so they’re permanently visible.

The Action Bar That Shadows You

The Action Bar now stays with you wherever you scroll in a conversation, so it’s always within reach for a click.

Always Staying Note-ified

There’s a new options for displaying Notes on the Action Bar… if you click the Note button (the pencil), you can select ‘Show Notes on Action Bar Only If Note Written’.

Which rather literally will put the note very visibly on its own row, only if you’ve written it. The rest of the time the Action Bar is only on one row.

Getting All Warm & Fuzzy

You’ll notice a lot of new little nudges and helpers. They can all be dismissed, but I thought you might like to see what a new user will now see – perhaps it can help introduce something we forgot to mention when YOU were a new user 🙂

Install Now

It will auto-update in the next day or so, but to get it right now just hop over to and simply click Install.


This was written by Andy Mitchell