This is really a bug fixing update… lots of little things that you’ve mentioned over the last week.

But the bigger change is that I’ve moved the Move-Nexters to the left-hand side of the HAB!

This might have a momentary shock, but I’ve been using it for a week and I think it’s a big improvement.

The reasons are simply:
1) The Move-Nexters have to be in a fixed place, so as you move from email to email they don’t jump around. (I.e. it wouldn’t work to put them to the immediate right of the Notes button, as changing project names can push that further right).
2) When they were fixed to the right hand side of Gmail, anyone with a high resolution had to move the mouse very far to reach them. It became very inefficient.

So I took a gamble and tried them to the left of the status buttons, and it just feels like it works.

(There IS a preference to move them back if you hate them… but please stick with them for a while… it’s ‘Put Move-Nexters (e.g. Archive & Move Next) To The Right of the Horizontal Action Bar’).

It will auto-update in the next few days, but you can try it right now from

Just a heads up…

I’m out of the country for the next week. Lisa will be right here on support (and able to reach me if anything really bad happens); and Mark is on stand by to handle any Gmail changes that break ActiveInbox… but we will be going a little slower than normal. I’ll be back on March the 3rd to resume at full speed!


This was written by Andy Mitchell