Hi guys,

The big thing I’ve been hearing over the last few weeks is that in certain circumstances, ActiveInbox has got slow.

We do go through a fairly common cycle (for us): several months of refinements and improvements where the focus is on improving the way you can work, followed by the realisation there’s some bug or performance issue we’ve introduced but not closed yet, and then we focus on cleaning everything up to make it hum along beautifully.

So I donned the breathing apparatus, bought a flash light, and went exploring the deepest recesses of the engine room.

The flagship result? I yielded an almost 10x improvement in speed when opening a conversation or adding a status/deadline.

There was also talk of the Review Bar tally counts being wrong. I’ve not been able to repeat any of this – frustratingly, it always works flawlessly here. But I used the Debug Reports you submitted to try and fix any minor problems that were reported in the hope one of them will fix it. If you still think you have issues, just let us know again and I’ll get straight onto it.

It will auto update in the next few days, but to install right now, just go to http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install.php

Next up, Mark, Lisa & I are listening to what you’re requesting, and we’re going to continue to try and focus ActiveInbox around the one benefit that really matters to you, and refine how you do that thing especially.

Update +4 Hours Later

Thanks to Brad, Tim & Mike I’ve found there was a nasty bug affecting a small % of users (alas not me!), where if you clicked Today and it had 30 items, you’d only see 1 in Active Results. As of, I’ve got it fixed.


This was written by Andy Mitchell