I’ve been seeking & destroying the bugs you’ve been reporting in recent weeks.

I always find it slightly disappointing that bugs often take a very long time to track down – lots of work – but they deny me the opportunity to give them a fun write up!

They include:

ActiveInbox loads faster in Gmail. Short & sweet!

No one should get the 414 hanging error in Gmail anymore. It was caused by searches being too long, particularly when you click ‘Overdue’ on the Review Bar (any search over 1450 characters, it geekily transpires). To remedy it, it is no longer a default to include Overdue items in Today (you can re-enable this preference if you wish), and I’ve broken Overdue into date ranges, e.g. “Overdue in the last 2 months”, “Overdue older than 2 months”. Of course, no one should have Overdue items over 2 months, right? 😉

All communication with our server is now completely secure, via https.

You can install right now from http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install.php (or wait a few days for it to auto update).


This was written by Andy Mitchell