What Ho!

This is just a quick fix to some bugs that have bubbled up in the last few weeks.

At first I was dumbfounded at the notion that ActiveInbox could interfere with GCal, and rather regret telling one person that it was “IMPOSSIBLE!”, but alas, due to a quirk with the way Gmail opens GCal from the black bar, ActiveInbox indeed thought it was starting a new Gmail tab, and tried to get involved, only to disrupt GCal. Sorry folks, I know this must have been very unsettling. It’s now fixed.

Meanwhile, a Gmail change meant that the HAB was not adding/removing labels correctly in Active Results. This was most commonly experienced as removing a label from an email, refreshing Gmail, and the label had “returned” (in fact, it was simply never removed). And… fixed!

Finally, there was a very tiny % failure rate with Pre-Labeling emails (when you send them), for which ActiveInbox always told you if it failed. But I found a new technique, and now I hope we should have a 0% failure rate!

It will auto-update to in the next few days.


This was written by Andy Mitchell