Well phew!

On Friday, Google started rolling out a major structural change to Gmail (nothing obvious on the surface) that broke ActiveInbox, but wasn’t yet affecting any of our test accounts.

Thanks to Lotta Larsson, who was incredibly gracious to give me temporary access to her account, I’ve managed to get everything fixed up.

AND, feeling the momentum of being on a roll, I got another problem fixed whereby sometimes deadline labels weren’t being properly saved when you clicked the calendar in Active Results. This is actually an echo of an earlier bug that I hadn’t fully squashed – it’s all taken care of now.

It’ll auto-update in Chrome almost as soon as you refresh Gmail, in Firefox it might take a few days – if you’re desperate, you can do it manually from http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install.php.

Update 26/09/2012

I’ve just released to fix the issues in Firefox


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Anonymous says:

    Yay! Had to manually update in Chrome, but we’re good to go again. Thanks. A little lost without it!

  • Josh Rose says:

    AI is back up, but ALL of the notes related to each project are gone. Please tell me you are able to restore this data… 

  • Anonymous says:

    All is good again – thanks team.

    For those of that were complaining about losing AIB, that’s just the way the browsers work, they update when they want and anyone that writes code for it is at their mercy when it comes. Just be thankful you have access to a great product and a great team that worked all weekend to fix it for you – that is fast.

  • Mark says:

    I have installed for Firefox but Active Inbox still won’t load.  Windows 7 – 64 bit – accessing gmail from the UK . 

  • Anonymous says:

    — Tack så mycket, Lotta!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    — Tack så mycket, Lotta!!!

  • Mark says:

    Have completely manually uninstalled and re-installed latest versions (  of AIB  for Firefox and Chrome.    I can confirm its now  working with Chrome but NOT  WORKING YET with FIREFOX .  Same computer same gmail account.   I’m getting by by using Chrome – but thought you might like to know,  

  • Lisa says:

    Tuesday morning, US east coast time. Just installed in Chrome, restarted Chrome, and AIB launched at first but then died with a friendly error message. I sent in the debug report, but just a heads up that all is not yet well.

  • Maisieg says:

    Can’t use Chrome at work – so have to use Firefox 15.0.1 and its still not loading.  Help I am sooooo very lost without it.

    • Hi Maisieg, 

      Mark was reporting a similar problem on Firefox, but then the problem suddenly disappeared and everything works again now :/

      1) If you’re at work, do you have a firewall at all? Can you access https://www.activeinboxhq.com (notice the ‘httpS’ at the start!)? 

      2) And does anything appear – do you get the black “Yikes! ActiveInbox could not load” box about 2 minutes after Gmail has loaded? 

      3) And what version of ActiveInbox does Firefox show in its Extensions list? Is it

    • Maisieg says:

       And just like that it started working again.  Had a few errors running Google (error 17) then AIB re-appeared.

  • Josh Rose says:

    When I click on a project listed under Active Results (Chrome 21.0.1180.89) I have NO ACCESS TO THE LABELS. Cannot edit the labels. I have discovered that if I click through using Gmail Results, I can access the labels. So what I thought was a crisis is now just a glitch with a workaround.

    • Hi Josh,

      I’ve just seen your support email (thank you for the screenshots!), but I’ll reply here in case it helps anyone else 🙂 

      So, my first concern is that our usability isn’t good enough, and we’ve confused you. When you click into a project from the Review Bar, it opens into Active Results (which shows you just emails that have a status or deadline). But if you switch tabs, to ‘Gmail Results’, you’ll see every single email in the project. 

      If you knew that already, and the problem is something else – like the HAB not showing you the labels you expect, or after selecting a label nothing happens – then please let me know and we’ll deal with it!


      • Josh Rose says:

        Thanks–the problem is something else. When I view the Active Results, and then click on that result (which shows all the labels, notes, etc.), the labels then DISAPPEAR on the following page. In other words, I cannot edit (or see) labels by clicking through the Active Results. I used to do this every time, without any problem. In addition to not being able to access the labels, when I click through the Active Results I can no longer see the email itself associated with the project. (I’ll send you two screenshots back channel which may further clarify.)

  • Raman Bridwell says:

    having to reinstall 4.32 after 1-2 hrs of operation then just disappears.  Must reinstall to fix.  W7:64bit

    • Raman Bridwell says:

      Did not note that I’m using Firefox 15.0.1.  Reinstall did not work.  cleared cache, cookies, and offline website, and browsing – did not work.  Reinstall 4.32 and restart – did not work.  Currently entire application is just not running

      • Thanks Raman, you helped identify it as a definite issue -and I’ve now fixed it in http://www.activeinboxhq.com/blog/2012/09/27/activeinbox-loading-properly-in-firefox-again-4-0-4-33/

  • Marc says:

    Same problem here: activeinbox still not showing in Windows/Firefox. Version installed, and no Yikes! message, just nothing.

    • David Mcmillan says:

      Im having the same problem im using firefox 16 active inbox just disappears
      after each firefox restart

    • János Kramár says:

      Likewise. (FF 15.0.1) In I got the message. Then I updated to, and got no message and no AIB. Then I removed AIB & reinstalled it. Still no message and no AIB.

      • Hi Janos, I updated the Firefox version to fix it – thanks for letting me know: http://www.activeinboxhq.com/blog/2012/09/27/activeinbox-loading-properly-in-firefox-again-4-0-4-33/

    • Marc says: brought AIB back, many thanks

  • Trueblue2 says:

    Still not showing ActiveInbox, even after update to This is in Firefox 15.0.1. Chrome won’t even let me re-install ActiveInbox, for some reason. Not unimportantly, I’m running a ‘Apps’ Gmail account in the domain ‘@ict-idcollege.nl’. On my regular (@gmail.com) Gmail account, things are fine. Any clues, anyone?

  • Manuel says:

    Version in Mac/Chrome. References Button & Field has disappeared.

    • Hi Manuel, have you re-registered Plus? This sounds like your settings were lost in the update (Chrome can do this sometimes)… Email us (support@activeinboxhq.com) if we can help. 

  • Paulc Chavez1 says:

    Installed update, worked for a day and just failed to appear again! Refreshed gmail, restarted Firefox, nothing… reboot is next (

  • Anonymous says:

    Great! seems to have fixed my problem in Firefox. In Chrome however, the update will not install. I’m running Mac OS X. Thanks for your help.

    • Yep, there was a definite issue (thank you!), it’s fixed in http://www.activeinboxhq.com/blog/2012/09/27/activeinbox-loading-properly-in-firefox-again-4-0-4-33/

  • Just Me says:

    One little thing I noticed in Chrome (21.0.1180.83 on Win7, 64bit): The Review Bar is on top of the “more selection” of Google Apps – see the attached picture …