Hey all,

I’m not sure what happened – whether I didn’t fully test every scenario in the last update, or there was an after-shock in the Gmail update that ruptured Firefox – but you were all very quick to report that Firefox was only loading ActiveInbox about half the time.

So I put my sou’wester on and jumped into the icy waters that are Firefox’s internals, and fixed the problems.

So now we have – if you need to force the update, you can go to our Install page.

PS If you’re wondering about Chrome, there’s no difference for Chrome users from to, and it’ll eventually auto-update anyway.


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Chrome will not let me do a clean install of Ai. Not from your install page, not from the Chrome webstore. I don’t have any ‘blocks’ active. Help would be appreciated.

    • Hi trueblue,

      I’ve just tried it here and it installed fine (the website links to webstore); it is still, but was only for Firefoxers. 

      What message do you get? 

      And why do you need to do a clean install? Chrome is really fast at auto-updating ActiveInbox. 

      If you need to proceed with a clean install, you could uninstall ActiveInbox from your Extensions list, manually download http://www.activeinboxhq.com/activeinbox_4-0-4-33.crx to your computer, open your Extensions list again in Chrome, and “drag” the file onto the Extensions window (not the sidebar, the main part). This is now, sadly, the only way Chrome will give you permission to install something manually (otherwise you get an error about having to go to the webstore). 

  • Anonymous says:

     Hi Andy, thanks for your reply and your download link. The download link and imnport into Chrome did the trick. Before, I was having problems with Ai in Chrome so at some stage, I decided it might be good idea to uninstall Ai. Problem with that line of thought was that Chrome wouldn’t let me install Ai anymore. I’ll send you a screenshot of the message I got when trying to instal Ai. It looks strange, for sure. PS. I can’t upload a jpg to your site, sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello trueblue53,
      isn’t this an expected message from Chrome?
      What happens if you click “Toevoegen”?

      • Anonymous says:

         I know, it lokks like an expected message but clicking on ‘toevoegen’ (= add) did not install Ai into chrome. Something is/was wrong with the way the extension was installed into Chrome. The direct link did the trick, however.