At 3am this morning, we pushed our brand new website live. The old one was, well, not adapting well to our changing needs so we bulldozed the lot and set up something more appropriate for 2012.

The most relevant bit is what you’re viewing right now, the Community section. Our community – all of us – have been articulating and passionately generating ideas for pioneering a major new approach to email since 2006. In that sense, we’re the humble servants who are building out your ideas.

So, our forum (which will soon be moved to our site) is looking forward to more of your discussions, we’ve articulated how we see email changing in the next couple of years, we have a tentative roadmap published, we’re asking for your help by joining with us, and now we have the website complete, we have no more “foundation building” distractions stopping us from expanding the power of ActiveInbox!


PS We didn’t mention it because we were hoping to get the new site live in time, but last weekend was the 6th anniversary of the first ever donation… thank you all 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Andy,
    one thing I noticed this morning: The links to older and newer blog posts in the very bottom of this page (right above the dark bottom strip) don’t explain intuitively that they are just that — pointers to older and newer blog posts in the sequence. In the old web page design, that became clear just from the way they were arranged and “ornamented”…
    But that’s just a minor thing.
    Have a good weekend!

  • Ed says:

    Ha, I was tying to show your old screenshot layout and effect to someone at work and they’d disappeared. Thought I was going mad.

  • David Mcmillan says:

    Hi Andy,

    So is there any new features scheduled for AIB on the way??
    Any surprises ??

  • Levi Wallach says:

    Ok, but please tell me you aren’t just going to have the GetSatisfaction site as your only forum? (and comments here).  Really, there is so much great stuff to discuss that’s not necessarily something about a suggestion to add to the site, it would be nice to have a forum to just talk to others about how they are using ActiveInbox and how to be more effective with your labeling, etc.