Fast Loading in Conversations

The Action Bar in conversations was taking ~8 seconds to load after Gmail released the new Compose screen, and it’s now back to full speed (I’ll restore full functionality to the new Compose box over the coming week).

Plus works even if our server goes offline

I also increased robustness, so if our server is down (as has happened twice in the wake of Sandy hitting NYC), ActiveInbox will keep your Plus features running.

New ‘Keyboard Select for Projects’ feature

And, Tom has added Keyboard Search to the Projects dropdown, so you can home in on the project you want a lot faster.

It’s already live and has probably auto-updated already in Chrome; Firefox users can force the upgrade from


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Joe Marino says:

    great job – i dont know how you do it – i am doing some basic google apps script work to automate internal processes between contacts and spreadhseets and its a headache – cant imagine the level of worj you guys do to keep AIB up and running.

  • Nathan Sudds says:

    Thanks for the update Andy, this is great — also really like the “Filter” option in the Projects dropdown — great idea.  I’ve been using a jquery multi select widget for some projects we’ve been working on and this filter type feature you are calling the ‘Keyboard Select for Projects’ has been a huge benefit to the ui, I’m sure it will be extremely useful! It will probably lower the need for pinning!

  • Jack N says:

    Maybe I am overlooking something, but can one get there from the keyboard, as the title suggests, or only after opening the dropdown box with the mouse? Neither ^S nor ^F open it up, whereas I can get the Label search box using “l” as set in Google’s keyboard shortcuts, which is quite handy.

  • Wow, I didn’t know I can reorder the vertical position of the “Projects”, “References” etc. labels! How? Thanks in advance.

    PS: How can I activate _default_ e-mail notifications for posts via DISQUS?

  • Andrew Gross says:

    The “keyboard select” works for other labels — not just project.  Am loving this feature.  So much so that I had been using the built in gmail label button because it has this feature, although I had more out-of-context labels to wade through.  

  • JochenSchuetze says:

    Thank you, Tom and Andy!!
    This is wonderful, as it takes AIB a big step forward towards full keyboard control.
    Can you consider, little by little, adding hotkeys for everything? That would really improve the E-mail processing experience.

    To teach users the hotkeys, ideally a small bubble / tool tip would open very soon after I hovered my mouse cursor anywhere, telling both what the button does and what the hotkey is for that function.

    As I think of it, I only just now realise how useful this would be in having hotkey functions like “delete and move to next”…

    Ideally, all hotkeys would be configurable…
    Take care! J.

  • Hi there,

    am I the only one having the problem, that the note-function has gone MIA? After updating to this version, the pen icon is gone. in Chrome 22 as well as in FF 16.0.2 on Mac OS 10.7.5.