Hi all,

We’re currently experiencing a little server downtime (our security certificate didn’t renew as expected), which should have only taken 30 minutes to fix, but is compounded by slow service by one of our suppliers (they have “Rapid” in the name, it’s apparently ironic!).

Fortunately, there is a simple temporary workaround if you’re comfortable with logging into your Plus account without encryption for a brief period…

1) Load https://www.activeinboxhq.com
2) You’ll get a warning about an expired certificate
3) Click ‘Proceed Anyway’ in Chrome, or ‘I understand the risks’ and ‘Add Exception’ and then ‘Confirm Security Exception’ in Firefox. (You can remove these Exceptions later).
4) Refresh Gmail – it should work just fine now.

If you don’t want to add a security exception, we’ll be back as normal as soon as we receive our new certificate – and I’ll be in the office until that happens (it’s 18:30 here now!).

Update +2 hours
And we’re back! They’re telling us something was lost in the post. Regardless, all systems seem okay now.


This was written by Andy Mitchell