I’ve just added a new piece of functionality – the Action Bar is now in the Reply Box.

The most likely time that you’ll mark something as Waiting On, or declare something as finished (removing all statuses/deadlines), is when you’ve sent an email. Therefore we put the Action Bar nearby to both reduce the use of the mouse, and to act as a little visual reminder.

(You may have noticed it actually appeared over the weekend, but with visual glitches – sorry about that, I had actually only intended it to go to beta testers at that point!).

The other major fix was that some of you noticed that Action/Waiting On was being “auto-assigned”, starting on Monday. (If you’re geekily interested… In actual fact, it wasn’t being auto-assigned, it was just that when you clicked an email in the Inbox [mouse button down], the screen instantly changes to view the conversation, and a few milliseconds later you release mouse button [mouse button up], but inadvertently over one of the Status buttons – which triggered ActiveInbox to apply the status.)

You may also have noticed we have a new help button on the Action Bar in conversations, to give new users a really simple way to learn how ActiveInbox works.

In other news, I also:
* Fixed the “Send & Archive” button when you reply. It had stopped working over the weekend.
* Removed the ‘Send EOM’ button, as it’s universally disliked.
* Added support up until Firefox 22
* Increased the robustness of adding the Action Bar into the new Compose box (occasionally it would fail to be added)


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • anon95 says:

    i’m still seeing the auto-assign of s/waiting on s/next action, etc. even with the new version.

  • Arek says:

    The function “Put Move-Nexters (e.g. Archive & Move Next) To The Right of the Horizontal Action Bar” stopped working – there are simply no move-nexters in the thread view when that option is on.

    • Thanks Arek – I’ll get that fixed this afternoon. Just so you know, there were big changes behind the scenes to the way the Move-Nexters work, and that preference slipped through the QA net. Sorry!

  • Együd Csaba says:

    New changes look really nice, but I’m missing my “Finish” option very much.
    Is it possible to add it back – maybe optionally if others do not like it. Hoping… :0)

  • You guys rock. Great update.

  • Dave Armstrong says:

    Hi. I’m not seeing these features. Is this a “plus” feature set?

    • Elise says:

      I’m not seeing the Action Bar in the Reply Box. I’m still using the “old” Gmail interface, not the newest one — perhaps that’s the issue, or at least part of it?

      I’m also not a Plus member. Just started using ActiveInbox recently, and want to see how the main functionality works for me. If it helps me finally manage my email better, I will be happy to upgrade to Plus 🙂

  • Damian says:

    Brilliant. Fixed my issues. Great job.

  • Jason E says:

    Love the new design and look. I think this was a huge leap forward. One glich I have, when pushing on a nexter, it doesn’t bring up the next email, rather, it takes me back to the list. Sometimes it works right, but mostly not. I imagine this will be come more stable in future versions. Love it, gain!

  • Lorenzo says:

    Always the best! You are great!

  • Tommy says:

    looks great after the improvements, thanks a lot for the changes!
    Any idea when (if ever) there will be Android support? I really see a gap during mobile usage

  • Nathan Sudds says:

    Just wanted to say that I really like the new bar to update status when sending, at first I thought I wouldn’t use this but it saves me a lot of time. Thanks!

  • Ron Gerrans says:

    I’m seeing one problem. When clicking on the “+” for add’l attaching options they can’t come up since they are covered by the Action Bar. I have to switch to draft mode to insert URL’s, Drive Docs, etc.

  • I’m still using old gmail compose functionality and my AIB status bar is still on top… do I need to use new gmail compose for this to work? If so, how in the heck do I get the new gmail compose? Thanks 🙂