As we do another bug fixing release, the reasonably critical amongst you might ask “Why do bugs keep appearing
when I’m not seeing any new functionality?”. Ah ha! This is a question I feel I must answer 🙂

The truth is, a lot of the bugs have just been on the backlog for a while, and we’re clearing out the remaining – and mostly minor – ones as time becomes available. They’d be better called ‘glitches’ at this stage.

But every now and again a new bug does enter the arena, fighting fit and looking for trouble, and that’s because we’re building lots of powerful refinements for 4.1, which is now just around the corner (more on that in a few days!). Anytime a bug is serious, all work stops and we try to fix it within a day.

This is why we’ve been doing rolling releases for the last week, and I’ll summarise them below:

  • Fixed the ‘Pinned Items Wrapping’ problem on the Review Bar. If you had a lot of pinned items, they’re wrap onto a new line in a way that was a dreadfully decadent waste of space.
  • Fixed the ‘Duplicate Pinned Items’ bug. If you saw things like ‘Action’ repeatedly appearing on your top bar, this is now fixed. It was caused by the way we re-structured everything to fix the “Pinned Items Wrapping” issue above.
  • Restored the “Always Display Note” preference in the Notes drop down. This disappeared in an act of over-enthusiasm for an improvement we’ve got coming in 4.1.
  • Restored the ability to put “Move Nexter” buttons on the right hand side of the HAB.
  • Fixed the bug where the ‘+’ icon (that leads to things like attaching images) in the reply box was obscured and hard to click. I’m genuinely sorry about this – it’s extremely rare that we cause a problem with Gmail’s own functionality, and we fixed it the moment we heard about it.

And as an extra nicety, because we try to make ActiveInbox like as customizable to your workflow as we can, the ‘Action Bar in Reply Box’ is now an optional preference.


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • David Billson says:

    I just noticed that “Overdue” items are now showing up in the “Today” tab. I’m not sure I dislike this or not as I can see arguments for it being there or not being there. Just curious if it was accidental or by intent?

    • Nathan Sudds says:

      David, I had this come up as well — some other users pointed me to a setting in the preferences that allows you to deselect “include late items in today” so you’ll have a clean Today list if you want it.