Hi all!

Tom has finally been able to port ActiveInbox to Safari. We’ve tested it heavily internally, but it works pretty differently to Chrome & Firefox, and so I still have a tiny concern it will behave like a screaming toddler in a supermarket once it hits the wild.

So if you’re keen and prepared to take a tiny gamble, please install it for Safari.


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Erik Coolen says:

    Excellent! Installed it and running it as we speak.. 🙂

  • Working very smoothly so far.

    Only one snag: AIB doesn’t remember my Plus account on my secondary Gmail when I log in again.

  • Bobby B says:

    Will this work on the iPad?

  • YourDreamDog says:

    I installed ActiveInBox on Safari today, thank you! At first it seemed like it hadn’t installed correctly — it wasn’t showing up under Safari Extensions and no sign of it in gmail. So I tried installing it again, and got an error message (that the file had moved since I last downloaded — I was using Safari’s Downloads drop-down menu to click on it to open & install). So I gave up and took the dog for a walk.

    When I got back, I went back to one of my open gmail tabs, and ta-da! ActiveInbox was there! Registering it for this computer took only moments. I am very happy to have ActiveInbox back! 🙂

    System info:

    Safari 6.0.4

    OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)