Hello all,

Last week became a big bug fixing effort. Nothing particularly exciting here (unless the bug was causing you problems!), but see if anything takes your fancy below…

Stop the line through the Compose button

This problem has driven me bonkers for months. This is a totally fresh approach to solving it, and I’m hopeful we’ve got it this time 🙂

Stop Compose box getting ‘lost’ behind Gmail’s navigation header

I spent all of last week telling people by email that this wasn’t something we could solve, that Gmail’s compose box was too complex, and to wait until V5 came out (which will have the option of using less vertical space).

Stop the calendar in Compose from overlaying the sidebar

This was quite a rare problem, and took me ages to recreate, but essentially in some circumstances, if you opened the deadline calendar while composing an email, it could overlay Gmail’s own right-hand sidebar, which made the calendar inoperable. Fixed!

Ensure Active Results still loads even if you have 1,500+ todos in there

A foreword on this… you should NEVER have 1,500 todos 🙂 The way ActiveInbox works, to keep things fast (and to make Grouping results possible) is to download all your todos when you load Gmail, and store them in memory. So, if you have too many, it just means you spend a minute or so waiting for the Review Bar to start working (to stop displaying the ‘-‘ simple instead of the number of threads).

But in any case, there was a logical error that meant if you had 1,500, Active Results would never load. It’s now fixed!

Merge status labels if using both S/ and !

Many seasons ago, after much staring at the runes, I decided that ! was a better prefix that S/ for statuses (e.g. !Action rather than S/Action). It was aesthetically more pleasing, and it usefully put the status labels at the top of any folder list, which was useful on mobile.

We didn’t enforce this for existing users, it was just for new users.

Which was fine… except for the scenario where:
1) An existing user would uninstall ActiveInbox, wiping out your preferences for S/
2) They’d reinstall ActiveInbox, and it would be set up to look for !
3) But they still had S/ labels in Gmail.

This typically resulted in a mishmash of some ! and some S/ labels, which is all very confusing.

So if you have this problem, you can now go into our Preferences, click ‘Configure Label Types’, go to the Statuses tab, and it will tell you if it spots you having the two different types of prefixes, and offer to merge them all into whatever your chosen prefix is.


This was written by Andy Mitchell