Another quick updates…

Bug Fixes

The New Compose Frame No Longer Gets Covered

I’m embarrassed to report this has taken FOREVER to get right. In fact, I believe this is the 5th attempt.

But we’ve got a working solution: the compose frame is now ‘over the top’ of everything else. I cannot control its height, but it no longer goes behind the header.

It does mean it can theoretically still obscure things in the header, but in the rare situation you’re both composing an email, and want to access something on the header, you can just minimise the new composition. Easy!

“Compose Self” is Restored in Old Compose

I must hold my cap in hand and ask forgiveness here… Tom & I were under the impression that Google had fully removed the old Compose view from Gmail, and as such we stopped supporting it.

We were actually wrong, they’d just introduced the new Compose Frame to all users. As you can still revert Gmail to the old Compose view, I’ve reinstated ActiveInbox’s support for it.

Notes Are Back in Active Results

For reasons I’ll soon be incredibly happy to reveal, we’d temporarily removed support for Notes in Active Results. But that was premature, and they’re now back.

And something new… ‘Recent Projects’ in the Projects dropdown

This is a little change, oft-requested: the last 3 projects you selected are now shown at the top of the Projects dropdown, to make them easy to select again (on the basis you’re probably working with them).


This was written by Andy Mitchell



  • Stephen Maundrell says:

    I’m loving the most recent projects feature, thanks

  • Sergey Lyubarskiy says:

    Guys, Are you going to release any iPhone app soon?

    I would very much be happy if you do. Smartphones are everywhere and I am not on the desktop all the time. If I can’t keep on top of the tasks on all the devices, then becomes way less useful for me.