I’ve just updated the beta, which you can manually upgrade to from the Beta Install Page.

The main goal was to speed it up as much as possible.

You might be thinking “But isn’t this whole beta already because of a faster engine? Why would you make it faster if it’s already so fast?”.

It may help if you use a car analogy! A Ferrari engine has the potential to be a lot more powerful than a regular Ford engine, but for the first 500 miles you have to drive really slowly while the new engine “runs in” .

And so it is with our 22,000 new lines of code… Despite being theoretically much faster, there were one or two new areas that weren’t fully optimised. They are now!

Oh, and in lighter news… I toned down the intensity of the red that a lot of you found offensive in the last release 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell