Gmail made a change today that stopped the ActiveInbox Action Bar appearing in conversations.

We actually spotted it early thanks to several reports from you guys on Twitter, but it took us longer than usual to fix it (partly because we’ve temporarily got two versions of ActiveInbox: the mainstream and the FAST Beta release).

But 7 hours later we have the fix ready!

Mainstream users
(if you’re not sure what you are, you’re mainstream!)

* You need
* Chrome should have auto updated. If you refresh Gmail, everything should work now. (If not, go into your Extensions list and tell it to to check for updates, then refresh Gmail).
* Firefox should update if you go into your Extensions/Addons list, and ask it to check for updates.

If in any doubt, you can go to and upgrade from there.

FAST Beta users

* You need
* You’ll have to manually update, from


This was written by Andy Mitchell