Hello all!

I’ve just released a new update to the FAST Beta,

Restoring our Action Bar in the Inbox

I had hoped that we didn’t need to put our Action Bar in the Inbox, and it was removed early in our FAST Beta (partly because it was never 100% stable).

But it became clear from your feedback that at least some of you really needed it, so Tom & I found a way to bring it back.

There’s no longer a grey cube in each row, but if you check emails, you can click the cube in the regular Action Bar to give the emails a status, due-date and project.

A more robust Action Bar when composing drafts

Historically, we’ve had a problem where if you Compose an email, add a label & note using our Action Bar, then close the Compose frame and re-open it later as a Draft, the label & note is lost.

I found a much much more reliable method for handling this situation, included in this update.

Just to warn you, it still has a remaining weakness: if you refresh Gmail before re-opening the Draft, the label & note will be lost forever. I will solve this soon.

Speeding up the To Do & Note system

Troy & Mr Nelson were still suffering crashes despite all the earlier optimizations. I did some research, and concluded we could further optimize the To Do & Note system.

So, erm, I did!

You should notice it most when first loading Gmail, and if you were still suffering crashes going into the inbox in, they should no longer happen. (If you suffering any tab crashes at all, please let me know, as these are the last remaining critical issue stopping us launching it to everyone).


This was written by Andy Mitchell