We’ve finally got the FAST Beta ready for Firefox, AND have hopefully fixed all remaining critical issues in Chrome. (Again, if anyone suffers crashes with .66, please let me know asap in the comments).

You can get it for both browsers from http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install_custom.php

New Icons for Today/Overdue and Due Dates

I’m anticipating this to be slightly controversial but…

It’s been pointed out several times that as we philosophically don’t support deadline times*, the icon of an alarm clock is misleading (*we believe that if it has a time, it’s an event, and thus it belongs in GCal).

Thus we have switched to a calendar icon.

I’m not sure how I feel yet, I’m giving it a few hours to bed into my mind and get used to it, but I’d love your feedback (after you’ve had time to get used to it!). It’s unusual for something to go from idea into the public product so quickly, but I wanted to get your opinion asap.

Update 13 Feb 10:30 GMT: Loading Loop Bug Found

It seems one of my optimisations has caused an ‘eternal loading loop’ in the Radar (especially for Today), in some conditions that I haven’t fully figured out yet. Dale Holden has helped quite a bit so far, and I’m trying to figure out which optimisation caused the break. Hope to have it fixed by lunch time GMT.

Update 13 Feb 12:00 GMT: Released

I hope this update fixes the loading bug above. Hurrah, it does!

Update 13 Feb 15:30 GMT: Released

To try and fix Willem’s ongoing crashing issue, I created 800 tasks to test the most extreme case. This includes optimisations for those extreme cases.


This was written by Andy Mitchell