Hi everyone,

A very quick post – I’ve just pushed 5.0.11, which fixes:

  • The Today view could not be opened (but the Radar was still working!), after a Gmail change.
  • Send and Move Next wasn’t always moving older, and sometimes didn’t actually send (only if you held down a keyboard accelerator like Alt, so thankfully it didn’t affect many people). Thanks mz for help on this.
  • Google Hangouts couldn’t be shown at the same time as our sidebar

I believe this is all the critical issues!


In Chrome, it should have auto-updated by now – just refresh Gmail (if that doesn’t work, go to your Extensions list in Chrome, and ask it to refresh all extensions, then refresh Gmail).

In Firefox and Safari, if it hasn’t auto updated yet, go into your Extensions list and ask for it to update extensions, then refresh Gmail.


This was written by Andy Mitchell