Hi everyone,

I’ll go into a little more detail in a second, but the important thing is:

ActiveInbox 5.0.12 is working fine again. You can get update instructions at the Install page.

I know some of you were deeply frustrated it went down, so I’d like to clarify a few things to hopefully put your mind at ease.

We’re built over Gmail, which has great benefits (like making an already world-class mail client better), but is prone to break when Gmail changes every few months.

Our commitment has always been to fix ActiveInbox within 48 hours of any Gmail change, and this time we managed it in about 24 hours.

To be honest, it probably would have been faster than that, but despite becoming aware on Sunday, we couldn’t see the change in our test accounts until the early hours of Monday morning, and so I couldn’t experience it to fix it.

(There was also a compound problem for an hour, where our server went down at 7:00am BST. I believe this was caused by our server being overwhelmed by the automatic warnings sent to us when a Gmail change occurs. I’m waiting to hear from our server company on the exact cause, and then I’ll figure out a way to stop that particular situation occurring again).

I’d like to say a thank you to everyone who broke the news that a change was happening, and a special thank you to Lisa for trying to keep everyone aware of what was going on during Sunday while I frustratedly waited for the change to come to us.


This was written by Andy Mitchell