We released the Beta of ActiveInbox 5.1 on Thursday morning and we’ve already had a huge amount of productive feedback on it. Andy is feverishly working on improvements already and the team is buzzing about the prospect of the finished version coupled with an imminent release of the AIB mobile app!

There are several big new features based on votes from our feature request survey in June, and there has been a big design push generally to de-clutter the interface, and make things faster, sleeker, smoother, prettier, … you get the picture.

Our brilliant founder was up early in the morning on Beta launch day to do the notorious ‘ice bucket challenge’ on a windy Brighton beach. A classic bracing start to a long day’s work. I’m posting the resulting video here without his knowledge, so lets hope he doesn’t notice too quickly and take it down!



Disclaimer: Living in Brighton, by the sea, we’re obviously immune from any criticism of callous water wastage.



This was written by Andy Mitchell