The vigilant amongst you will spot this post is (less than) coincidentally following a morning of server downtime.

We’ve been with the same website hosts for many years, and while their support staff are marvellous, we’ve been prone to bouts of downtime (in solidarity with them, I don’t think it’s entirely their fault – ActiveInbox probably pushed the limits of what they could handle).

A few weeks ago we began the move to Amazon. We started with the most dangerous bit: moving the data over. This is now safely stored on Amazon’s servers.

The ActiveInbox-serving and website parts of the server will also move to Amazon this month.

In addition to providing world-class robustness, they offer a suite of complimentary services, to give us more options for providing temporary cover if the worst happens, and to be notified to wake us up if the servers go down over night.

Which just leaves me to apologise. I’m incredibly sorry for this morning’s downtime, it’s one of the few things in running ActiveInbox that can cause chest-clamping periods of stress, knowing that it’s affecting all of you.

Right — I’m going back to working on 5.1 now (I’m hoping to get the next Beta release out today).


This was written by Andy Mitchell