Google Calendar does not update calendars added by URL very regularly – more like once an hour than every minute.

That can be annoying if you are expecting your ActiveInbox due dates to be added immediately (e.g. so that you can head out of the office for a meeting and keep track of what you need to do with your calendar).

Don’t worry! There is a simple workaround that you can use for one-off updates.

  • Find your regular AIB Due Dates URL (e.g., and add ‘?fresh1’ to the end of it (e.g. Then add it to GCal as usual.

  • Then in GCal, remove the old AIB Due Dates calendar.

Your calendar should then be right up to date.

If you want to do it again the future, change the number at the end of fresh, e.g. fresh2, fresh3, etc.

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