In October 2014 Google announced a new app called Inbox, that seemed on first glance to follow a similar task based approach to email as ActiveInbox has pioneered in Gmail for the last 7 years. And to be honest, we were worried.

While I actually really like most of its design (and we will become increasingly in-tune with it), I was relieved to see that, Google Inbox is built for light personal use – for the moment anyway. And even if they open up for businesses, Inbox enforces a very opinionated and basic workflow, and will likely stay as a mainstream, general app.

ActiveInbox on the other hand provides a task management solution built for business people managing complex workloads in any situation. We are flexible and can be molded to your own existing workflow. Meanwhile we keep all the business critical features that Gmail offers like signatures, advanced filters or desktop notifications, within familiar reach.

More importantly, we exist only because of you, our customers. We work in harmony with our community when we develop new features because we know that everyone deals with their work and email differently, and there is always more to learn about staying calm and productive in today’s frantic work environments.

We are going to continue getting better and offering you ever more refined, intelligent solutions for organizing your emails and your work.

We’ve been very busy preparing new updates to ActiveInbox in the last couple of months since Inbox was announced, and everything will be going into beta before Christmas (including iOS mobile), with a public release to follow shortly after; and come the New Year we have some major new ideas to forge ahead with!

Inbox is a welcome reminder of our vulnerability, as we build ActiveInbox inside Google’s ecosystem. It has made us more determined than ever to deliver the ultimate solution to help you work more productively with less stress – whatever your job.


This was written by Andy Mitchell