The day has finally come! We have already started rolling out our iOS mobile Beta to a small group of testers and now want to start expanding it.

There are only about 1000 slots available for access to this beta testing stage so we are operating a first come first served waiting list.

If you are nervous about testing a Beta app or don’t want the hassle, you can choose in the sign-up process to be invited at a later stage of the Beta when most of the bugs have been ironed out.

(In-case you don’t know what I man by a ‘Beta’, we mean that this app is not a finished, polished app that you can download directly from the app store. It will be soon – but we need time to iron out any problems and improve it with your help first. You can find out more on the sign up page.)

Please SIGN UP HERE: http://www.activeinboxhq.com/mobile_beta.php

We’ll email you with an invite by 13th February if you get your name in quickly enough!

Thanks for your support.


Please note, the iOS Beta app is only available to paid ActiveInbox users due to the limited number of spaces.


PS: Our Android app will soon be ready to start testing also, and will be much more widely available at the Beta stage. However, as we have limited development resources, we are using the iOS app to develop the interface to a certain level first rather than working concurrently on 2 different systems. This means it could be a while before we release the Android Beta.




This was written by Andy Mitchell