This is a series of posts helping you to make the most out of ActiveInbox.

ActiveInbox is all about having your tasks lists available in the place you check everyday, all day – Gmail.

The first thing you see when you open up Gmail is your Inbox, so you probably want to be reminded of any urgent tasks right there and then.

That’s why we give you a list of your most urgent tasks just above your Inbox by default. This is your ‘Today’ list – it is all the emails you’ve marked with a due date that expire today or are overdue.

Every morning you can rank and prioritise these critical tasks by dragging and dropping them as you would in a normal list.

But ActiveInbox is all about flexibility. So:

  • Want to keep things simple and your Inbox at the top?
    • Click the radar button and drag your Today section below the Inbox in the left hand panel.
  • Don’t use due dates very often?
    • Put your Action list above your Inbox by dragging it over from the right. (3)
  • Have too many tasks that are overdue?
    • Remove overdue tasks from your today view in two clicks by going to the ActiveInbox preferences and scrolling down to the Active Results section where you can un-check the option. (1)


This was written by Andy Mitchell