You can get Gmail to schedule your email to be sent later using ActiveInbox.

If you send emails outside working hours, while you’re on holiday, or during the weekend, scheduling an email to get sent automatically at a certain day and time can be really helpful. You can also buy yourself some time before a person replies back and make sure people don’t think you’re available 24/7.

Just click our new ‘Send Later‘ button instead of the Send button anywhere in Gmail. Choose the date and time slot (ActiveInbox let’s you choose a time at 15 minute intervals). And that’s it! Your message will sit in Gmail’s drafts until it is ready to be sent out and then we’ll send it for you, whether you are logged in or not.

What other options for getting Send Later in Gmail are there out there?

Boomerang do the same thing – but you can only send 10 emails per month for free. You then have to pay $5 p/m.

ActiveInbox is the same price but gives you unlimited emails to send later as well as a fully integrated task manager inside Gmail with many time-saving features like notes and checklists in your emails, status buttons to categorize emails easily, and even email sorting and pipelines.

Find out more here, or start scheduling unlimited emails to send later with our 2 week free trial now.

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This was written by Andy Mitchell