Our newest team mate, developer Remi, has completed his first project: archiving every email that you give a due-date, status, or project. This makes it much easier to clear out the inbox. You can turn this on in the Preferences, by checking “Archive threads when added to a project/status/deadline” under “Inbox & Search Results”.


We’ve also added a hovering finish button to every item in the inbox, so you can quickly process emails from there (rather than having to open the email).


In addition, Remi fixed up a series of annoying little bugs, not least the very annoying presence of the ‘Zactive’ label (which is needed for the upcoming mobile release, but we’ve done a better job of hiding it).

This is available now in Chrome (for ActiveInbox 5.2.35], and we hope to have it in Firefox & Safari next week.


This was written by Andy Mitchell