This is a dangerous land, only proceed if you’re impervious to any frustrations and impositions…

We have an alpha version of ActiveInbox for Android (that means it looks terrible, is full of bugs, and may occasionally send an email to your boss declaring your intent to take his or her pet hostage).

Have I made it clear it’s not for the faint of heart? 🙂

(Ok I’m joking about the last bit, it will never email anyone accidentally… Getting it to send an email, that might be the tricky part!).

Steps to Becoming a Tester

  1. Making sure you choose the correct Google account (the one you use for Google Play on Android), approve yourself for testing.
  2. Wait a few moments for Google to catch up with you, before…
  3. Going to the Play Store to install the alpha version

Giving Feedback

Simply by using it regularly, it will be sending us incredibly helpful debug reports (automatically) so we can rapidly fix up and and all problems.

And if you have more general usability questions, please comment below or on the forum (I like the keep the discussion public, no matter how embarrassing it is!).

This older post introduces the general features and roadmap.


This was written by Andy Mitchell