We shared ActiveInbox 6 nearly 2 months ago (during which time we’ve been beavering away with the obvious improvements to make), but now it would be really great if you could help us prioritise what we do next.

Specifically, is there a reason why ActiveInbox 6 is frustrating you? Before we enhance what it can do, let’s cure the pain…

Please take the survey, or do the quick version by clicking a choice below:

Have you not met ActiveInbox 6 properly yet?
It wants to introduce itself…

In the last week we’ve also made a video to introduce ActiveInbox 6, as this is one of the things we could have done better. (If I’m embarrassingly candid, I hoped it was such a big improvement that it would be self-explanatory, but that was very naive of me).

Also, if there’s one thing I really want to apologise for, it’s that ActiveInbox 6 accidentally turned itself on automatically on the first day we released it. This was a tiny oversight in the code (we left a ‘1’ rather than a ‘0’) with an outsize impact… It really wasn’t the intention, and it distressed you. Rest assured, ActiveInbox 5 (aka Classic) isn’t going anywhere while anyone still uses it.

Oh, and the video is my (Andy’s) voice, so I’m a little anxious about sharing it. We’ll hopefully get it re-dubbed soon!


This was written by Andy Mitchell