Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a little update to ActiveInbox, based on your very helpful feedback from recent surveys and forum chats…

(There’s plenty more to come! Just want to roll things out as soon as they’re ready).

The problem with Task Lists not refreshing is fixed

This was the big one – for some people, in some circumstances, your Tasks Lists would not automatically update when you changed something (you had to reload them). I went through it with a fine tooth comb, and now it’s definitely more reliable.

The hovering Action Bar is less intrusive

A big source of frustration was how the floating Action Bar (in the Inbox and Task Lists) would obscure too much of the conversation row. So I’ve made it only appear if you move your mouse to the right of the row – it’s all still there, just less likely to appear when you don’t want.

The Waiting/Send Later sidebar glitch

It was annoying people that they couldn’t deselect the Waiting view after choosing it in the sidebar… well now you can 🙂

Fixed bug to make the Action Bar work in ‘Done / All Mail’ section of Folders

Rather self explanatory – previously, if you expanded ‘Done’ in a folder and checked several rows, there was no way to actually do anything with them. All sorted!

Viewing Search Results as ActiveInbox Tasks is improved

You can turn on ‘ActiveInbox view’ for your search results, and now see all the results (rather than just tasks, as it incorrectly was before).

General Speed Ups

I took the opportunity to hook up the Profiler and look for any opportunity to speed up ActiveInbox – there’s very few left, but I think I got one or two little bits of fine tuning done.

Making way for Firefox 50 (aka e10)

It’s going live slowly, but we’ve had to make some pretty big ‘under the hood’ changes to support the new Firefox – we’re all ready now though.


This was written by Andy Mitchell