One of the major frustrations stopping people upgrading from V5 to V6 was that you no longer had an equivalent to Radar for seeing multiple task lists simultaneously (e.g. to keep both Today and Waiting On in view).

Remi has been feverishly beavering away, and now we’ve introduced Multi Lock for those who like a little more oomph to their overview. (We do only recommend it for people with ginormous screens though).

Opening Multiple Views

Just Shift+Click on an ActiveInbox tab, or Waiting/Send-Later in the sidebar, and it’ll be locked open. You can still continue to click around to change your main choice too, even when things are locked open.


Resizing the Task Lists

We’ve also added the ability to resize the task lists, to better fit your screen. Just move your mouse to the bottom of the task list, and it’ll change to a resize-icon. Click and drag to your hearts desire 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell