You might find ActiveInbox is struggling to load in the most recent Safari update. They’ve blundered, and we can’t rescue it (yet).

They’ve firmed up their security to match Chrome – which is awesome – but they haven’t left a way for an extension like us to work (which Chrome did). It’s almost like they didn’t realise the consequences of their actions – there’s simply no documentation for us developers.

In the short term, here’s a workaround:

  1. Open Safari’s Preferences
  2. Go to the Advanced tab. Enable ‘Show Develop menu in the menu bar’.
  3. Back in Safari, go to the Develop menu. Enable ‘Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions’.

We’re trying multiple approaches to solve this properly, but I have a hunch we need Apple to realise their oversight and roll out a new version of Safari (we have filed a bug report).


This was written by Andy Mitchell