We ushered in a new little update to ActiveInbox recently (and it’s on its way to Firefox – just hang tight!).

Currently, we’re focused on simply listening to your requests in the forum and building them as quickly as we can, instead of Mega Projects like we did with ActiveInbox 6. So these are small but I hope very welcome 🙂

Pausing the inbox

This has been a ridiculously popular request, especially amongst the Getting Things Done crowd… The inbox is a constant source of interruption, a to do list others control, and worst of all, it’s addictive (it’s a perfect “Variable Reward” machine, which plays havoc with our brains, as sometimes we check it and there’s a pleasant surprise, and sometimes nothing, but that just means it’s a delightful game…).

Now you can temporarily hide the inbox, so you can just focus on finishing tasks without temptation. Just click the little toggle arrow…

Support Evernote Links in Notes

Evernote has it’s own fancy links that begin with evernote://, which our Notes system didn’t understand, and show didn’t show them as links.

We’re embarrassed about our lack of worldly sophistication. We’ve fixed it.

Show Gmail Labels

In our lists (e.g. Today, project folders, etc.), in ActiveInbox 6, we decided to not to show non-ActiveInbox labels to keep things clean. You’ve made it clear that the labels were important for your own custom systems, so we’ve brought them back 🙂

Did you know you can make ‘Today’ a permanent view?

Worried about ignoring or overlooking Today items?

You can ‘lock’ a view into place permanently by holding shift while you click it. Et voila, Today is going to prod, nudge and goad you into action.


This was written by Andy Mitchell