Have you ever returned to a long conversation and sighed at having to re-read it yet again?

Well, that’s what Sub Tasks were made to solve… A simple set of steps that were all you had to focus on to close off the conversation’s task. They’re like smooth rails to help you glide through your day.

But we wondered if we could improve them. During some recent customer calls, it became clear that the first & foremost ‘sub task’ is the email’s subject. But of course, the subject is not always written by you, and rarely stays relevant after 10 replies. Often it’s just plain useless.

So we sculpted Sub Tasks to be more elegant…

  1. You can now add Sub Tasks by clicking the subject, which is a more intuitive way to think to use them.
  2. Your next sub task replaces the subject with clear blue text, so you’ve got meaningful instruction at a glance.
  3. It is available even as you scroll through the conversation.

How to turn it on

Just go into ActiveInbox’s Preferences, and select ‘Align Sub Tasks & Notes View Horizontally’.


This was written by Andy Mitchell