We’ve just launched the ability to use Gmail’s Search to find your Sub Tasks and Notes.

This has been a tremendously long time gestating… behind the scenes it always got de-prioritised because we couldn’t find a way to neatly present our own search results within Gmail’s.

But the number of requests was overwhelming – as many of you pointed out that the utility of Notes was limited until you could search (I’m paraphrasing – not all the emails put it quite so politely 😉 ). So we did it in the most simple manner we could – we simply tacked additional results onto the end of Gmail’s own.

What’s the value of searching sub tasks and notes (as put forward by the community)?

  1. Notes are delightfully searchable, because you write them yourself, so the phrasing pops back into your head. It makes it much easier to rediscover important tasks (and of course, emails/tasks with Notes are – by their very nature – more valuable than the average email).
  2. It’s a clever way to add extra categorisation. I.e. keywords or tags you can search beyond subject/body/labels.


This was written by Andy Mitchell