You’ve taken your time to write an email, you’ve sent it, you’ve marked it as needing a reply… but 2 days later there’s still no response.

Then the question becomes, how do I chase while keeping our relationship happy?

The answer to that all depends on whether they actually read it yet! If you know they read it a few hours ago, you can nudge them without appearing overzealous. Or if they’ve missed it, you can cough politely in their ear to draw attention back to it.

But how? Well, as it was our 2nd most requested feature (after syncing GCal, which we’ve already done) on our survey, with 1007 votes, we’ve built a beta version of read receipts into ActiveInbox. (You know, because launching 7.1 was a little too easy 😉 ).

Want to try it before we roll it out officially?

Make sure you’re running 7.1 (everyone should have it by now – but you need to be on new Gmail, and on Chrome).

  1. First, go into our Preferences and tick ‘Enable Read Receipts’.

  2. Then, when you send an email, make sure the double tick turns blue.

  3. Finally, go into either your Sent list, or your Waiting list, and look for the blue double ticks.

Things to know

Well, #1 is this is V1 of this feature, so it may growl & hiss at you for no apparent reason. We’re waiting for your feedback to tame it for you. Seriously, please send all the feedback in the comments section; BUT, can you first see if someone has already suggested it and upvote their comment instead? (It makes my world so much nicer if each request is only there once!).

There’s a slight delay in it reporting it was read – normally only a minute or so. If you’ve sent an email to your professional crush, and you’re desperate to find out if they’ve read it right now, you can click Refresh in Gmail (the one at the top of your inbox).

Oh, and when you send to an Outlook user, they have to agree to include the tracking pixel. So it’s not 100% perfect if you’re emailing a lot of cold recipients.


This was written by Andy Mitchell