Talk to me 😀

I’ve got a grand whopping total of 3 thoughts on the matter:

  1. Email newsletters are uniquely effective

    Twitter/Reddit/LinkedIn/etc. are driven by algorithms. Authors have to twist themselves to write clickbait. And you only see what the herd sees.

    Whereas newsletters come into the intimacy of your inbox, from an author you trust. They have the freedom to introduce you to topics you might not otherwise have discovered, that the herd overlooks, but may just give you an edge in your career.

  2. Most email newsletters are dreadful

    I’m not a wild optimistic – most deserve their reputation as borderline spam. Even the ones that started out great have withered to just “more noise”.

  3. The great ones are hard to find.

    Partly because authors rise & fall. The ones you once really liked might lose interest. But anyone can write an email, and so new experts are always popping up… it’s evergreen out there.

So about that “talk to me”…

I’ve got a personal project in the works to do something hopefully really fun about this.

If you love newsletters, please just drop me an email to tell me what is your favourite newsletter, and what makes it wonderful, and how having more like it would help your career. Slip it over to


This was written by Andy Mitchell