Thank you for all your feedback in the last two months. With your help, I’ve settled on a simple, useful thing: a safety net to stay in control, even when you fall off the wagon.

I do suffer with wagon-falling… I’m mostly good at giving my valuable emails due dates and projects; but I go through times where I just can’t. Then it’s a chore to get back in control, so I procrastinate, extending the period of low productivity. (I suspect many of you actually don’t suffer this: ActiveInbox customers as a group are generally much better at email than me!).

Let’s see what it does for you…

Review all emails that still need a reply after 48 hours

The Suggestions tab contains everyone you’ve told it is important, which also includes anyone you send an email to. (The email must also contain a ? to be included, and not have had a reply for 48 hours.)

And, just in case you’re so busy you miss the Suggestions tab, it highlights the same email yellow in Gmail.

You can customize it to impress your VIPs (e.g. your boss, top customers)

You can customise the timings so specific people appear sooner in Suggestions, giving them faster replies no matter how busy you are.

Do you hate it?

I know for some of you, Suggestions is a borderline insult to your great self control :-p You can turn it all off in Preferences (go into the Relationships section). This is for those of us who wobble!

(Speaking of hating things, I also recorded a new video with my own voice… comments are welcome on that too! I can take the abuse. Just. ).

Ideas to put you in greater control

The goal here is to let everyone around you know you’re always in control (even when you’re not).

If you’ve got any requests for doing that better, I’d love to discuss in the comments.

  • Potential Idea #1:
    Prioritise entire domains (rather than individual customers
  • Potential Idea #2:
    Share VIPs as a team (with team management tools).

    I’ve already made it possible to import a CSV that you share as a team, but we could go further!


This was written by Andy Mitchell