Hi all,

Really quickly, I just want to explain the outage (you might notice ActiveInbox was down overnight in GMT, and a little into the morning of this Wednesday).

It’s the most embarrassingly trivial reason.

Which is both relieving (no major mess up) and blush-inducing (I now feel very stupid).

Our domains (www.activeinboxhq.com, api2.activeinboxhq.com) are managed by Amazon. Last month our bank card reached its expiry date and needed renewing – which I dutifully did. But it turns out, AWS doesn’t automatically pay current invoices when you update the card (only future ones).

So I happily went back to product making, blissfully unaware that Amazon was about to unleash havoc and suspend our account over non-payment of a $20 bill (why so small? we only host our domain management with Amazon, not our main servers that make ActiveInbox work – but those domains are the gatekeepers, and so are a single point of failure).

As icing on this very untasty cake: we also lost email (because without our domains, we had no postal address for them to send to). So we got none of your messages until it was fixed. We’re busy replying now.

Anyway, we’re all back up and running. If you refresh Gmail it should all be fine.

And please accept my apology – Lisa has made me stand in the corner for misbehaviour – especially to those of you for whom my night was your day (“G’day mates in Australia, sorry for going bush”)



This was written by Andy Mitchell