Andy here – it’s been 15 years since I started on ActiveInbox, and short while ago, the number of emails in my inbox exploded. So I got a fresh idea to solve it, and thought “Hmm, I know how to make apps, it’ll be fun and this’ll only take a month!”.

That was… 3 years ago. Breef’s journey has NOT been easy.

But I can finally say I’m proud of it. Now it’s just an anxious moment while I see if anyone agrees…

What does Breef do? 

It feels like gardening your inbox – you group emails into bundles, and do the highest impact ones first – and that feels great.

How does it do it?

1. It bundles up your inbox 

It requires 75% less admin work compared to Gmail Labels – you just tell it who to include, and all their emails are grouped!

Or you might say it’s like Gmail Filters, only they’re actually easy to use. 

2. You can skim a bundle in half the time 

The scrolling feed makes triaging your inbox incredibly fast – you can skim through all your emails as quickly as you flick through Instagram.

(And yes, you can add them to ActiveInbox as you go!)

3. Organize your Today list

You can use it to do things like “Break my Today list into my highest impact priorities, such as my boss, top customers, financial news, etc.”.

Can I see it in action? 

Yes! This 2 min video will show you how easily it fits into your workflow:

What will it cost? (Will it be free?)

There will definitely be a forever-free plan, but what will be “premium” is the next thing to figure out. 

I’m going to do a survey next week, after you’ve had a chance to try it, to see what you think is valuable enough to pay for. 

But – spoiler alert – I’m thinking something like “pay to sync bundles between computers”, “pay to use more than X bundles”, “pay to add special bundles, such as emails about your next meeting”, “pay to add more powers, such as showing an unread count on bundles”, or “pay to have nested bundles”. 

Breef’s biggest challenge right now is knowing whether I should continue improving it at all – I’m very open to your feedback. Just email me at 

How can I get try it now? 

Pop over to to install the add-on into Chrome – and then refresh Gmail.

Also, make sure you’ve updated ActiveInbox to at least 7.7.10. (It’s easy: just go to your Chrome Extensions list, enable Developer Mode in the top right, then click Update in the top left, and refresh Gmail).

Oh, and there’s a bonus for today!

As a thank you for taking a leap on something new, I’ll gladly give you a month’s free time on whatever “premium” ends up being, if you’re willing to try Breef today (well, technically, let’s say any time before Friday Feb 24th).


This was written by Andy Mitchell