I’ve just discovered we were the topic of a proposed merger (100% unofficial) on Merjerz.com; and while I wouldn’t normally post everything that gets written about us, I find this interesting because the writer really captured the impact we think our different perspective on email has on the world in a way I don’t normally express… and because Merjerz itself is an interesting idea for raising awareness of tiny companies like ours – using the wisdom of the crowds (that’s you & me!).


Echoing the bits that resonated most:

“ActiveInbox is on a mission to change the way we humans view our inboxes- not as a long series of uninteresting emails, requests and mailing lists, but rather as a springboard for life management, being successful and controlling the direction of our lives”

“[a] revolutionary company, with no outside investors, a small and focused management team and a tight group of loyal users”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if a company designed the perfect free ‘plug-in’ to your Gmail account that would enable you to divide emails into ‘Waiting on’, ‘Action’ or even by ‘Project labels?’ This means that you can apply for a job and then click ‘Waiting on’ to keep your email on the side, until you get a response. And if you don’t, you can set a follow-up date to re-engage.”

Anyway, that’s enough trumpet blowing! I just thought that you all might like to take a moment of pride, as your contributions in the forum and here in blog comments are what have driven ActiveInbox to its current state.

Now let’s get back to work 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell